2013-07-05 16:05:43 by LiliumDanceOfLies

Does anyone else hate it when you make specific instructions for your food and no one fucking follows it?

Me and my family went to a local restaurant here called Sue's Country Kitchen [Oh my Gods, the food is WONDERFUL] and, like always, we order too much and take the leftovers home XD

Anyways, I said specifically to not put my food in the fridge. Reason why is because my order included mashed potatoes. My full order was mozzarella sticks [appetiser, which I ate], chicken strips, and mashed potatoes with brown gravy. I don't always eat gravy, but when I do, it has to be brown -shot for meme reference-

Lemme tell you something: mashed potatoes aren't really good after being refrigerated and reheated. So I wake up this morning to find my box was in the godsdamn fridge. DOES NO ONE FUCKING LISTEN TO ME!? -facepalm of DEATH

- Lilium


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