Privacy Issues

2013-07-03 19:29:30 by LiliumDanceOfLies

This isn't quite a rant, but more of stating something

Newgrounds is a place that is basically user made. The entire site runs on flash games/movies, audio posts, and various pieces of art [which reminds me, I still haven't been scouted yet asldjfls my art is kinda subpar anyway, but I take pride in it] submitted by the users of Newgrounds. I have made accounts on several different kinds of sites, namely MySpace, Facebook, deviantArt, Tumblr, and of course, here on Newgrounds. Looking back on everything I've done on the Internet and how much my family interacts with social media, I've come to realise that Newgrounds is really the only place left [aside from a submission-based rant blog I made on Tumblr] where I can really voice how I feel. I don't really use MySpace anymore, deviantArt is just art, my sister has a Tumblr and -constantly- watches what I post, which angers me, and everybody and their mother is on Facebook. No one I personally know really takes any interest in Newgrounds. In fact, I don't even think they know, or remember, that Newgrounds even exists. This actually makes me happy, cos not only can I catch up on what I've missed here, no one is going to see what I post in my news aside from the few people that actually check out my profile here. Go me?

That being said, I could probably move away, cut all ties to family and other people, and start a whole new life and keep everyone updated here. I could move to England and see my friend's band perform, or to Canada and live near the 11 Drunk Guys [HOLD SHIFT], or to any place outside of this country, cos quite frankly, I'm really getting sick of living in this country with the way our government is

I feel sneaky with Newgrounds >=D

- Lilium


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2013-07-03 21:06:17

I know how you feel. I don't even use profane language on Facebook anymore, because I'm friends with my family.

LiliumDanceOfLies responds:

Once family starts using sites you use to express how you feel and monitor what you post, your places for venting become very limited. Hurray for Newgrounds being more secret!