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An Important PSA [and other news]

2014-04-09 23:55:49 by LiliumDanceOfLies

If anyone manages to scroll down that far on the homepage [or if you follow/watch/stalk me and see this in your activity feed], I have a very important PSA for the people of Newgrounds

I'm not sure if Tom has said anything on the matter, but even if he has, oh well, you're going to hear it again

From the Tumblr Staff:
"A major vulnerability, known as 'Heartbleed,' has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr.

We have no evidence of any breach and, like most networks, our team took immediate action to fix the issue.

But this still means that the little lock icon (HTTPS) we all trusted to keep our passwords, personal emails, and credit cards safe, was actually making all that private information accessible to anyone who knew about the exploit.

This might be a good day to call in sick and take some time to change your passwords everywhere—especially your high-security services like email, file storage, and banking, which may have been compromised by this bug."

Due to the bug in the SSL software, it is extremely important that all passwords you use anywhere on the Internet that are associated with sensitive information be changed immediately. While the issue may have been taken care of by most sites already, your current information is still at risk because of people who, thanks to the bug, have obtained the information and may use it for malicious purposes, so better safe than sorry.

In other news, if anyone's that interested in my personal life, feel free to read onward

My second older sister is staying with us again. Her husband attacked her, leaving key scratches, bruises, and a nasty goose egg on her forehead. All in front of their son, who is only seven months old. The cops have been called and I believe an arrest warrant is out for him. Until he has left their house [which they are sharing with my other sister's parents-in-law], she and her son will be staying with us for the interim

I really hope this time she actually leaves him for good cos I really want to rip his balls off and make him eat them. Sure, she is a major pain in my ass, but she is my sister, godsdammit. No one attacks or threatens my family and gets away with it. You just have no idea how pissed I am that my brother-in-law would do that to her. If I'm not gonna have his ass, our dad sure as hell will. He doesn't show it, but I know he is livid about the entire situation

Dear 'brother', you better run. You run so far the fuck away from us if you know what's best for you


 - Lilium

Well then

2013-09-06 20:01:53 by LiliumDanceOfLies

Lately I've been getting into the Amnesia games [I'm too scared to play them myself, but I've watched other people playing] and have scoured deviantArt and found really great and interesting works of art. I even made my own Amnesia fanart, which I may post later. There was something I came across, however, that needs a little explaining

I found a fanart piece of a character named Daniel who looked a shit ton like Daniel from Amnesia, but despite the same name and similar appearance, this other Daniel is a completely different character of someone else's making for a novel and has a last name. Naturally, I was all 'HOLY CRAP THERE MAY BE TWO OF THEM!' cos come on, two Daniels? Fuck yes

After a little searching, I found this other Daniel's creator on dA and messaged them about the similarities and my confusion when it came to favouriting the art pieces. All I said was that I was confused and curious that his character looked very similar. I even mentioned Amnesia in the message. Just a little 'Hey, I noticed this. Pretty neat, no? Totally got tripped up with the fandoms XD' message. The author messaged me back, saying that they had received other messages like mine and considers them spam. They went on to say that they did not even know what Amnesia was, and that their character, while not 100% original, is an original character that has not infringed on copyrighted works and to not message them again about character similarities, but to talk to their agent about it

What the hell? I never mentioned anything about copyright infringement. I only said something cos I figured it was pretty cool. I mean, who wouldn't? I understand that getting relatively the same message from other people would be a bit frustrating. I've been there. But the overall tone of the message sounded rather rude and it really was uncalled for. They could've worded it a little differently and a little gentler. Just because you're a published author and whatnot does not give you the right to respond to messages like a jackass

That's not all. They had a favourites folder for their Daniel and in there, there were four, I repeat four, fanart pieces that depicted their Daniel and Daniel from Amnesia, which means I'm not the only one who saw this similarity and found it awesome. And one of them, the author commented thanking the poster of one of the pieces for showing them videos of the game. And they told me they'd never heard of Amnesia. I call bullshit. That and if they really didn't know and got so many messages about it, you'd think they'd do their fucking research to find out why

It's people like them with that attitude that piss me off. Stop being an asshole

/end rant

- Lilium

Why do people bitch at me over a simple question? Seriously, all I did was ask a simple, straightforward question. The response is just loaded with attitude that was uncalled for. If I ask a question, no attitude or anything, just curiosity, I expect a genuine answer, not a bitchfest

Apparently everyone I live with has decided that every innocent question I ask deserves a rude reply. Godsdamn, sorry I fucking asked

This just furthers my reasoning for wanting to fake my death or run away someplace and just start a new life. I want out of this damn house

- Lilium

Nosy People

2013-07-11 00:38:46 by LiliumDanceOfLies

I honestly cannot stand when people decide to ask extremely personal questions and claim that they 'need to know'. I would understand them asking if they are truly concerned about me in a caring matter. However, asking these questions and only saying that you 'need to know' is not going to get you an answer

You do not need to know nor do you have the right to know. That is prying into personal information that I have a right to keep private. I don't care ultimately what your reasons are. I will withhold certain information until I feel comfortable letting you know. Otherwise, tough. You're not going to know, whether you like it or not

Also, questioning me like I'm a suspect in a murder case [yeah, bad analogy, but that's how it feels] is also not going to get you anywhere, cos quite frankly, I can't be fucked to care. Stop interrogating me. I do not appreciate it

Anyone else know how I feel?

- Lilium


2013-07-05 16:05:43 by LiliumDanceOfLies

Does anyone else hate it when you make specific instructions for your food and no one fucking follows it?

Me and my family went to a local restaurant here called Sue's Country Kitchen [Oh my Gods, the food is WONDERFUL] and, like always, we order too much and take the leftovers home XD

Anyways, I said specifically to not put my food in the fridge. Reason why is because my order included mashed potatoes. My full order was mozzarella sticks [appetiser, which I ate], chicken strips, and mashed potatoes with brown gravy. I don't always eat gravy, but when I do, it has to be brown -shot for meme reference-

Lemme tell you something: mashed potatoes aren't really good after being refrigerated and reheated. So I wake up this morning to find my box was in the godsdamn fridge. DOES NO ONE FUCKING LISTEN TO ME!? -facepalm of DEATH

- Lilium

Privacy Issues

2013-07-03 19:29:30 by LiliumDanceOfLies

This isn't quite a rant, but more of stating something

Newgrounds is a place that is basically user made. The entire site runs on flash games/movies, audio posts, and various pieces of art [which reminds me, I still haven't been scouted yet asldjfls my art is kinda subpar anyway, but I take pride in it] submitted by the users of Newgrounds. I have made accounts on several different kinds of sites, namely MySpace, Facebook, deviantArt, Tumblr, and of course, here on Newgrounds. Looking back on everything I've done on the Internet and how much my family interacts with social media, I've come to realise that Newgrounds is really the only place left [aside from a submission-based rant blog I made on Tumblr] where I can really voice how I feel. I don't really use MySpace anymore, deviantArt is just art, my sister has a Tumblr and -constantly- watches what I post, which angers me, and everybody and their mother is on Facebook. No one I personally know really takes any interest in Newgrounds. In fact, I don't even think they know, or remember, that Newgrounds even exists. This actually makes me happy, cos not only can I catch up on what I've missed here, no one is going to see what I post in my news aside from the few people that actually check out my profile here. Go me?

That being said, I could probably move away, cut all ties to family and other people, and start a whole new life and keep everyone updated here. I could move to England and see my friend's band perform, or to Canada and live near the 11 Drunk Guys [HOLD SHIFT], or to any place outside of this country, cos quite frankly, I'm really getting sick of living in this country with the way our government is

I feel sneaky with Newgrounds >=D

- Lilium

No I'm not dead

2013-07-02 22:46:54 by LiliumDanceOfLies

I just haven't been on in about a year. Don't worry, I'm still here XD

If you would like to contact me outside of NG, you may do so here! Yes, my Tumblr name has been changed, but at least it's not as freakishly long as before holy shit

And now the updating ._.

- Lilium

ladyystrange presents the Def Leppard Drinking Game!

2012-02-16 18:09:50 by LiliumDanceOfLies

This is from a Tumblr friend of mine, Ashley, under the moniker ladyystrange, who posted this little drinking game, Def Leppard style


The Def Leppard drinking game.

The rules are simple: grab your favorite beverage and pop in your favorite concert or interview tape, go to a concert, whatever. Following is a list of items that merit a drink, or two or five.

Concert or Video

1) Take one drink for each of Rick Allens arms. (Okay, it may not be in the best of taste, but it gets you started!)

2) Rick Allen is wearing one sock while playing -Take a drink.
Rick Allen is wearing two socks while playing -Take two drinks!

3) Phil "windmills" his guitar. Take a drink.

4) Phil "pumps" his guitar. (See Milan video.) Take two drinks.

5) Sav plays Phil's or Viv's guitar for them. Take a drink.

6) Joe plays Phil's or Viv's guitar for them. Insert earplugs and take a drink.

7) Anyone plays something that's not their primary instrument. (Sav plays keyboards, Joe plays guitar or sings - oops, sorry - Joe plays guitar, etc.) Take a drink.

8) The Leps sing a song that doesn't have "woman", "lady", "girl", or "babe" anywhere in the lyrics. Take a drink. More advanced players may alter this rule to take a drink every time they sing a song that DOES have "woman," "lady," "girl" or "babe" anywhere in the lyrics. VERY advanced players may take a drink for each occurrence of said words

9) Viv makes a face at the camera, take a drink.

10) Joe does the Duck (arms back, head bobbing, moving across the stage) , take a drink. You must also yell "DUCK!" as loudly as you can, especially if you are in a public place and the yell would confuse and annoy others.

11) Joe does the crucifixion pose. Take a drink.

12) Joe does the pledge of allegiance pose (hand over heart) . Pledge your allegiance and take a drink.

13) Phil takes off his shirt, take a drink. However, if Phil starts the show without a shirt, take two!

14) Joe strikes the "applaud for me" pose - you know what I'm talking about! Give the man the applause and take a drink.

15) Sav falls off the stage, take a drink.

16) Sav falls off the stage into your seat. Toss the drink and take Sav!

17) Joe doesn't wear underwear - take a picture.

18) Joe grabs himself (you know what I mean) . Offer to help, then take a drink.

19) Joe wears skulls, take a drink (taking a drink for each skull is discouraged)

20) The skull shirt has actually found its way back to its apparent owner - Phil - congratulate Phil on regaining his wardrobe and take a drink.

21) Sav's jeans are partially unbuttoned. Take a good look, mentally finish the job, then take a drink or a cigarette (your preference)

22) Viv gives anyone "rabbit ears", take a drink.

23) Phil makes a "kissy face", take a drink.

24) If any soccer paraphernalia is worn by the band, take one drink for each item.

25) Sav plays bass with only one hand, scoff and take a drink :)

26) You catch Sav being the only one singing backup, take a drink. Two drinks if you catch him singing totally by himself!

27) Steve plays his guitar vertically, take a drink.

28) Steve plays his guitar over his head. Take a drink.

29) Rick twirls his drumstick. Duck and take a drink.

30) Viv flips his hair, take a drink.

31) Joe "pumps" the microphone, take a drink.

32) Joe fulfills his "Def Leppard Sunday" threat to spin the drums so fast Rick flies off into the stands... first one to find Rick wins. The rest take a drink.

33) You can prove the Leps are smashed and are barely hanging on by lip-synching. Take a drink - to sobriety, of course!

34) Steve A) actually sings backup, and B) at a point where he is actually in front of a microphone. Both requirements must be fulfilled to drink.

35) Rick Allen drums on anything post-Pyromania with two arms. Stop drinking! You've had enough!

36) The Leps play Nirvana - thank God that Cobain's dead and take a drink.

37) A Lep slaps the hands of a fan - make sure it's yours, toss back that drink, and pull 'em down to you.

38) Phil gets an innocent look, take a drink.

39) You see Pete in a video - finish the bottle!

40) Steve hits Rick's cymbals, take one drink for each hit

41) Joe screws up the lyrics to Ziggy Stardust AGAIN. Take a drink.

42) Phil sings lead. Applaud wildly, urge him to continue this excellent trend, and toast him with a drink.

43) Joe plays a hurdygurdy bit on the ol' electronic keyboard. Refrain from comment by taking a drink. You may feel it necessary to take more than one.


1) Joe says "rainforest" in an interview. Take a drink.

2) Your favorite Lep isn't wearing sunglasses. Take a drink. (OK, so the Joe-lusters fall a bit behind here....)

3) Someone besides Joe speaks, congratulate them and take a drink.

4) Someone besides Rick Allen is asked about Rick's accident, take a drink. If Rick Allen is in the room at the time, take two drinks!

5) Joe answers a question that someone else is asked, take a drink.

6) Sav looks bored - offer to entertain him and take a drink.

7) Sav plays with his hair - take a drink.

8) Rick answers a question all by himself. Take a drink.

9) Joe says something arrogant - take a drink.

10) Sav says "basically", "to be quite honest", or "it's a question of..." - one drink for each.

11) Interviewer mentions the Curse of Def Leppard. Groan, take a drink and throw the glass at the interviewer.

12) Joe swears that they haven't gone through anything out of the ordinary, laugh at him and take a drink.

13) Interviewer gets Lep to discuss intimate details you never thought you'd know - cheer wildly and take a drink!

14) More than one Lep is being interviewed and none of them are Joe. When you have recovered from the shock, take a drink.

15) One of the Leps makes a snippy remark about Ricks age (i.e. You werent OLD enough to shave!). Take a sympathetic drink.

16) SOMEONES (not mentioning any names) eyeliner is creeping towards his chin. While wishing you had a tissue to help him out (and wondering why the makeup people dont), take a drink.

17) FOR SERIOUS DRINKERS ONLY: Sav pushes his glasses back. Take a small drink, or youre going to lose too soon. ;-)

18) Someone asks Vivian about one of his previous employers. Wonder why anyone would want to dredge up his sordid past and take a drink.

19) A fan asks (for what were all CERTAIN is the millionth time!), what Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen means. Take a BIG drink and scream, NOTHING!!!

20) Yet another reference is made to Phil's Girl days. For Ladies Only: you wish that you could do your makeup as well as Phil used to do his, and take a drink. For Men: go ahead and drink because you know Phil is a macho kinda dude, and yet you find him strangely attractive...

Across the Board

1) Joe's roots are showing. Take a drink.

2) Any Lep is wearing a hat, take a drink. NEW: If its a Fez, take three drinks. Perhaps one day the vision of said Lep as a Shriner will disappear...

3) You can prove that Joe is wearing Phil's clothes, take a drink.

4) You can prove that Joe bleached his eyebrows. Take a drink.

5) You spot one of Sav's ears; take a drink. You spot two of Sav's ears; take two drinks. You discover proof that Sav does not actually HAVE ears; go ahead and finish the bottle. You'll feel better.

6) You hear Danzig ANYWHERE - throw the drink on his house and put your lighter to good use.

7) Sav is wearing glasses: finish your drink so you can look through the bottom of yours.

8) Your favorite Lep is wearing shorts. Wipe away the drool and take a drink.

9) Joe has a goatee. Sigh heavily at this poor decision and take a drink.

10) Your favorite Lep hasn't been to the gym in a very long time. Take two drinks and then it won't matter anymore.

11) Its horribly apparent that at least one Lep is wearing his fathers sweater. Groan at this wretched fashion faux pas and take a drink.

12) You spot one of the Leps pushing a luggage cart or carrying luggage. Pause momentarily to wonder where the hell the Skycap was, and take a drink.

13) Joe pushes his hair back over his ears. Refrain from comment by taking a drink.

14) A music writer compares any song on Slang to any of the following: Boyz II Men, TLC, or Prince. As you take a drink because you know its partly true, argue with the writer INTENSELY about any possible connections to grunge.

15) Joes voice is described as adenoidal. Take another one of those comment-refraining drinks.

16) The I&I hostess says ANYTHING AT ALL... actually, the best thing to do is just drink continuously through the I&I performance...


2012-02-10 20:50:48 by LiliumDanceOfLies

This isn't a rant, just my feelings on Newgrounds redesigning their shit.

All in all, I gotta say it's pretty neat. Great appearance, awesome new emotes. But like with all site redesigns across the Interwebs (e.g. MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr), there's slight problems in navigation. Of course, after some time of fiddling around with it, people begin to get used to it. Although I can never get used to all the MySpace updates whenever the hell I actually get on, and Facebook is just a tard, Tumblr was a little easy to get used to when they came out with the new dashboard, so hopefully, I'll be able to find my way around the new and improved Newgrounds.

And also, why no headers anymore!? I liked my header ;--------;

Anyone with thoughts?

- Lilium

My tenth rant! Enjoy.

Why do people ask the most ridiculous questions? Especially questions that are too obviously answered, yet they ask the f*cking questions anyway. I'm sitting in a classroom, for reference, everyone pulls out their work except me, since I don't have mine, and the teacher is stupid enough to ask where my work is. Dumb*ss, I don't f*cking have it, can you not see that? Are you blind?! Don't ask me a stupid question because you will get a stupid answer in reply. "Where's your work?" "Oh, I don't know, my dog ate it." Yeah, get the point? Another example: People ask me what I think of a movie when it's oh, so obvious that I either liked it, didn't like it, or haven't seen it al att. Deaf, dumb, and blind idiots. While we're on the subject of stupid people, what is with these j*ckoffs thinking they know how something should go when they so clearly don't. "Oh, we just do this, then this, and all that jazz." That shows me that you know jack sh*t. All of these retards need to just stop. Instead of asking idiotic questions, having stupid as all hell arguments, and claiming you know everything, why don't you do the world a favor and use your godd*amn brain, if you even have one. Fail to do so and every smart person here has the right to slap you silly. Simple as that, stupid b*stards.